A MYSTERY FROM DEEP SPACE A half-burnt marijuana patch. A missing sheriff's deputy. And a discharged shotgun. It looks like an open-and-shut case of murder —until the defendant offers an out-of-this-world alibi.

SPACE CASE crosses the boundaries of mystery, science fiction, and thriller stories to make some exciting reading no matter what your primary interest is. Be prepared for gripping suspense, a courtroom drama that is unusual to say the least, frequent touches of humor, and a weird alien science fiction tale set right here on Earth. And if that's still not enough, be prepared for fast-paced action and adventure focusing on a father's unwavering love for his child. He's determined to keep the boy safe no matter what unearthly menace has descended from the dark skies.

By the way, whatever happened to that deputy?

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“Solid science and pacing that never quits.” —Kay Kenyon, Philip K. Dick Award nominated author of Maximum Ice

“One shock leads to another.” —Carmel Valley News